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Mission Darrang photography association is an organization for all photographers, photography enthusiast, serious hobbyist, professional & amateur photographers and all who want to make a career in photography and want to grow equally in this field.

Through DPA it is tried to gather all the photographers and interested persons in photography in a common platform and to provide exposure to the rising talents of Darrang. DPA aimed to organize regular workshop, seminar, photographic tour etc. which can help the new comers to grow professionally.

DPA Management
Founder & President : Bishwajit Deka
Vice president ( International affairs ): Aamar J. Deka
Vice president ( Media & Public relations) : Mrs. D. Kakati
Vice president ( Operations and Finance ) : J. Baruah
Editor : ( Story and content ) : Tapash Jyoti Goswami
Editor : ( Assignment and workshop ) : Vacant

DPA Advisory Board
Legal adviser : R. Ramakrishnan, Bangalore
Legal adviser : Prashanta Hazarika, Guwahati
Legal adviser : Bikram Sarma, Mangaldai

Directorate of Design
ACE : [Vacant]
PPE : [Vacant]

Operations Committee
Member of operations ( Assam ) : Gautam Deka, Dibyajyoti Nath, Guwahati
Member of operations ( South India ) : U. Kashyap, Chinmoy Dutta, Bangalore
Member of operations ( Europe ): B. Medhi, Mark Sealand, Germany
Member of operations ( Middle East ) : Nabajyoti Nath, Doha, Qatar
Member of operations ( U.S.A ) : Raj Kashyap, Los Angeles, U.S.A