DPA Membership benefits

DPA registered members will get benefits in the following ways,

1. Free highlight your profile in DPA website for a year.
2. Eligible to attend any photo walks or Tech-Talk organized by DPA, free of cost.
3. Free tutorials and short session on demand.
4. Eligible for special offers/discounts on new purchase from DPA tie up dealers.
5. Eligible for 15% discount for any workshop (Basic and Advance workshop) in Assam, Bangalore and Chennai (DPA and DPA-member Club workshop).
6. Eligible for Membership card and DPA goodies.
7. Eligible to attend exchange programs with other Photography club & organizations.
8. Get 10% discount on DPA annual exhibition (submission) fee.
9. Get guidance in buying and selling photography gears.

Become a DPA official photographer

1. Eligible to work with DPA contracts, Assignments and events.
2. Eligible for DPA sponsored tours & assignments.
3. Eligible for rent photographic gears from DPA.
4. For national & international assignments you must go through DPA verification & eligibility test. Contact us for more details.
5. Get DPA official ID card, DPA official T-shirt and Goodies.
6. Security deposit INR 10000 for a year. 100% refund will be done once sign off the contract with DPA.