DPA member registration is going on. Please download the registration form here.

Know the membership benefits.

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Make your payment and submit hard copy of registration form to :
Dibyajyoti Nath ( +91-9864076679) or Gautam Deka ( +91-9706529043)


Who are restricted to join DPA

1. Proclaimed famous photographer.
2. Professional photographer with zero basic knowledge (proclaimed professional).
3. Photographer/people who steal other's photographs and put their own logo/copyright on them.
4. Photographer/ people who are not ready to accept Critique on their work.
5. People/ photographer who never follow Ethics of the photography.
6. Photographers who do not respect other Photographers or other's work.
7. Photographer who is providing workshop & seminar just to get fame, without knowing the basics of photography.
8. Photographers, who like themselves to keep busy with marketing of particular brands, without having any technical knowledge.
9. Photographer who always stay busy with self-marketing.