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DPA project 365


Project 365

P365 is an everyday assignment to all DPA photographers, registered members and non-members. Through this project we can showcase the rich cultural and historical beauty of our place in national and international platform. So guys, start submitting your clicks about rural & urban life, life style of Darrang, Culture of Darrang, Ozapaali, Naam, Historical places, Historical monuments, wildlife, Traditional dance, Regional cuisine etc. Copyright will remain with the photographer and work will be stored in Darrang Cultural conservation Gallery. You can also submit such clicks from other districts or N.E Indian states.

Send your entries to

1. The submission is open for DPA registered members and non-members.
2. You can submit maximum of 5 entries in a month.
3. Minimum resolution of image should be 1024 x 768.
4. File should be [.jpg ] format and size of each file submited should not exceed 2.5Mb.
5. Photograph should be own work of participant.
6. We also accept mobile photographs with better resolution.
7. You can submit Black & White clicks too.
8. Naming convention of your entries should be [participant name_title of the image_serial No.jpg ]
9. Submision period [10th of every month+ next 20 days]
10. We are not accepting any entries with Watermark or Logo and images submitted should not have any kind of borders or design.
11. Each entrie should have Title and short description.
12. Please mention your correspondence address and contact numeber with your submission.

Award and Publishing :
1. One monthly winner will be chosen.
2. Three best click will be recognized and awarded.
3. Entries will be published in "Darrang Cultural conservation Gallery" April 2014 onwards.
4. Weekly submission will be published on our Facebook page.